We are Hybreed. We are specialized in Full Sublimation Designs. With over 1000+ designs in different category, we are confident that our shirts are premium and high quality.

Hybreed comes from the word “hybrid” which means - a thing made by combining two different elements; a mixture. Our idea in mind is to combine quality with affordability. We wanted to produce a product that is composed of exceptional materials and at the same time, offer it at a justifiable price in the market. It can also be interpreted as “high-breed”, wherein it is in a higher state of quality compared to its other “breed” (figuratively) of apparels.

We started July 2017 from our products, backpacks and sling bags. Due to demand, we innovate and explore other areas in sublimation such as Tshirt, Poloshirts, Esport Uniforms and other apparel that sublimation printing is possible. 



After couple of months in our sublimation journey, We are granted to promote one of the best selling mobile game specially in the Asia, Mobile Legends.

Hybreed created different types of skins of heroes. With over 200+ skins available in the said game, Hybreed manages to create almost half of the total heroes available. You may check all the designs here.


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