Sponsorship of Products to Pasig City Science High School

by Mark Fernan Donguines on January 24, 2018

December 11, 2017 - “Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinangalingan, ay hindi makakarating sa paroroonan”. – Jose Rizal

Pasig City Science High School (PCSHS) is a school that most youths of Pasig aspire to be enrolled-in. The school was founded in 2005 through Eusebio’s Local Administration. It was the first and only high school in Pasig that specializes in advanced Science and Math school curriculum. During enrollment, out of thousands of student applicants, only 300 will qualify. Once enrolled-in, the challenge continues. Every PCSHS student must maintain a grade not lower than 80 and a general average not lower than 85. Thus, in graduation, the number of 300 students goes down to more or less, 210. It is both a thrilling and fulfilling challenge to be a graduate of this high school.

I and my brother Mark, two of the owners of Hybreed, were both graduate of Pasig City Science High School. We both belong to the pioneer batches of this school: Mark as one of the 1st batch and I as one of the 4th batch. We know that the lessons and experiences we gained from this school are the very reasons for us to conceptualize the creation of Hybreed. Our business ideas started in this school from the small profit we gained by simply selling candies, snacks, junk foods and even roses during Valentine’s.

Last November 2017, an invitation was sent to Hybreed. Bingo Bonanza 2017 headed by the PCSHS Faculty Cooperative, was looking for sponsors of prizes. Fortunately, it was also the time when Hybreed was searching for events that we may use for marketing and promotional purposes. We decided to give away 2 Genesis backpacks for the 1st and 2nd Prize, and 1 Swing Sling bag for 3rd Prize. Out of the many high schools in Pasig, we know that prioritizing our alma mater will be one of the key steps for Hybreed to gain support and grow. We felt the warm welcome and joy from our previous teachers as we see each other after a very long time. It has been 3 years since I graduated, and 6 years since my brother did. That was the only time that we were able to visit again our alma mater and meet our teachers. Their faces still look the same, young as ever, but the way they see us, they were overwhelmed by our physical and social development. Truly, it is a great privilege and a very fulfilling act when we were able to remember and help back the mentors who before, shape and help us in everything that we need for our own benefit; they were there to teach us, mold us, help us, and treat us as if we were their own sons.

Never ever forget the people who helped you during your weakness and do your best to help them back during your strength.


Written by: Peter Lev Donguines

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